Tandem Aviation Inc (TAI) services broad spectrum of the aviation industry including commercial, regional, business, commuter, military and air cargo aircraft accessories and components.  


TAI works very closely with network of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capabilities not only limited to hydraulics, pneumatics, electro mechanical valves, landing gear actuators, but also includes landing gear assemblies, air frame accessories, power drive unit, central drive unit, starters, and many other key accessories. 

Hydraulic Sysems

Tandem has capabilities from high pressure hydraulic actuators to pumps to the controls and transport elements. 


Tandem Aviation performs 100% testing of its products prior to customer delivery. Our test equipment has been configured  to meet the fluid, pressure (10,000 psi) and flow (50 GPM) requirements of the latest commercial and military aircraft applications for both Commercial and Military hydraulic fluids.

Pnuematic Systems

Tandem Pnuematic test stand design allows us to deliver required air flow at high pressures with precision controls.


Tandem high flow air capability allows to service Pneumatic Bleed, Shutoff, Isolating, Check and Regulator Valves, Pressure switches and many more. 



Engine and Airframe Accessories

Tandem test capabilties comprise of high IC pressure test stand to test air compressors, gearboxes, maxaret, and many more airframe accessories.


Tandem has three different size hydraulic test stand allows to test brake assemblies as per OEM requirements.  

Tandem Aviation Inc.

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